About Me

I am a mom

My children George, 10, and June, 7 are my daily inspiration. My parenting journey has been full of challenges, especially George’s autism diagnosis and my family’s struggle to find the most healing approaches to help him learn and grow. We are now on a wonderful path and are inspired by all that George has learned and how he continues to grow. The food that we eat has played a major role in George’s ability to learn and grow and cooking together has been a helpful way for our whole family to connect and communicate.

I am a writer

The Kitchen Classroom shares the story of how we started cooking together, features lots of helpful information about cooking and child development and features 32 visual gf/cf recipes. You can learn about my other books on my amazon author page. I also write curriculum for schools, youth programs and other organizations and would love to work with you! Just drop me an email at gabrielle@kitchenclassroom4kids.com to talk curriculum.

I am a parenting coach

Parents ask me all the time how I got started cooking with George. The answer is that I had lots of support, working on an RDI program with my fantastic consultant Jennifer Paget. I’ve created a process to coach parents about cooking, gfcf transitioning, kitchen makeovers and healthy meals. 

I am a cooking instructor

I teach Kitchen Classroom cooking with kids programs everywhere!  In my cooking classes, I have worked with children and teens with autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD and intellectual disabilities and appreciate the connections that we make as we cook. Contact me if you’d like me to lead a cooking workshop for your group.

I am a program coordinator

I coordinate a program called Celebrations! at my synagogue for children with special needs and their families to celebrate Shabbat together. If you are in the Philadelphia area, please get in touch about Celebrations!. Celebrations! is a program that can be replicated in synagogue communities~a comprehensive curriculum is available for purchase.

I am an autism advocate

Like many parents who have children on the spectrum, my husband Fred and I have opened our hearts and minds to the many issues facing people with differences. Our mission is to help other families find hope, resources and support on their journeys and to ultimately create a more inclusive, healing world.

I am a person on a healing journey. 

At age ten, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and started learning the importance of nutrition for healing and health. It’s been thirty-two years of living with Type 1 diabetes for me and I am thankfully complication-free. On a spiritual and emotional level, living with Type 1 has taught me how to appreciate the value of life. In 2009, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and once again had to dig deep into my spiritual and emotional resources as I went through treatment. Living as a cancer-free mom has inspired me to live my best life, pursue all of my dreams and live a life of gratitude.

What is your healing story? I would love to hear about it. Write me at gabrielle@kitchenclassroom4kids.com.