I LOVE doing cooking with kids programs  for parents, kids, parents & kids, teachers, OTs, PTs, STs, behavior specialists…anyone who works with children! I’d love to come to your school, conference, parent group, birthday party…through skype, I work with communities across the country.

Kitchen Classroom cooking with kids workshops include the benefits of cooking for:

▪  working on fine and gross motor skills

▪  engaging in sensory integration

▪  boosting social skills

▪  learning math and science

▪  learning about world cultures

You can also download a brochure: KCBrochure

Thanks to these great folks for hosting Kitchen Classroom Cooking programs:

  • Philly Friendship Circle
  • Special Olympics, New Jersey
  • Yerusha
  • Jenkintown Special Education Support Group
  • Upper Merion Library
  • Food for All Market
  • NFCA, Appetite for Awareness